Logic Programming

Assignment - Project Evaluations

The teams taking CS 151 this quarter will be doing short presentations of their term projects (either in-class or via videos). Your mission on this last assignment is to evaluate the projects based on these presentations. For each project, we ask that you do three things. (1) Identify the team. (2) Write a single phrase that describes the topic of the project. (3) Assign the project a rating (1 - terrible, 2 - poor, 3 - okay, 4 - good, 5 - excellent). (4) Provide 1-2 sentence justification for your rating.

In rating each project, we ask that you use the same criteria we will be using in our evaluations - (1) inherent interest of the application, (2) difficulty of the problem, and (3) appropriate use of logic programming techniques. Inherent interest is subjective. Difficulty includes the amount of effort that must be expended to produce the program and the complexity of the program itself. A program that can be built in a couple of hours would not receive a high score, and a project that is all data and no rules would not receive a high score. Appropriate use of logic programming is most important. Using poor logic programming techniques, using logic programming where traditional programming would work as well or better, and failing to use logic programming techniques where appropriate should lead to low scores.