Introduction to
Logic Programming

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Logic Programming is a style of programming based on Symbolic Logic. In recent years, there has been increasing interest in Logic Programming due to applications in deductive databases, automated worksheets, Enterprise Management (business rules), Computational Law, and General Game Playing.

This course is an introduction to Logic Programming theory, current technology, and popular applications. Work in the course takes the form of lectures, readings, online exercises, programming assignments, and a term project.

All of the course materials are online here. There are links to notes, background readings, the Sierra logic program development environment, a suite of software tools for analyzing and transforming logic programs, and a Piazza course forum. Click the tabs at the top of this page to access this content. The Lessons tab is your friend. Use it. And be sure to check this page frequently, as we will be posting periodic updates here. If you are desperate for a printed version of the course text, click on the image below to purchase a copy from Amazon.

Note that, as you proceed through the online materials, you may occasionally encounter technical problems. Apologies in advance for this. We are still working on the course. You may get extra credit for reporting such problems (especially if your reports are not overly irate).

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